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Spirit Baby Communication

Spirit Baby Communication is the art of spiritually connecting with one's future or previously lost children, regardless of if you are contemplating conception, currently pregnant, or have suffered a loss. Like our guardian angels, our Spirit Babies are always around us, waiting to connect and communicate. A lot of people just need help getting in touch with them, which is where a Spirit Baby Communication session comes into play. Facilitating this spiritual connection between mother and baby is a beautiful step towards having a conscious conception and/or achieving closure around a past pregnancy or child loss.


Spirit Baby Communication sessions can reveal information such as baby's gender, name, personality traits, and even how or why your babies chose you. Sessions mainly involve channeling, with minimal light touch and note-taking of all received information. While some aspects of our session and discussion time may revolve around things like fertility, reproductive health, and sexual trauma, Spirit Baby Communication is not a means of diagnosing or treating related issues. 

Ways you could benefit from Spirit Baby Communication:

  • Connecting to your spirit babies

  • Getting to know their personalities

  • Closure after a loss

  • Learning how they want to connect with you

  • When/how/why they chose you

  • Learning their "language" and associated symbolism

  • Understanding what they need from you to come Earthside

Spirit Baby Communication sessions are 60-75 minutes. Sessions take place in my home office North of the Austin, TX area. Please reach out by texting (281)-900-1956, emailing me at or by using the form below. If you are seeking a distance appt, please use the "distance sessions" link in my site menu at the top of this or any page.

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