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Holistic Death Care

Family-centered, holistic death care used to be the only way things were done before embalming and the funeral industry became the mainstream. The entire process from bedside care leading up to death, to helping someone cross over at their final moments, to helping to naturally clean and prepare the body for burial were all the responsibility of the family and their community to carry out lovingly. Thankfully, we are in a renaissance of reclaiming the ways of our ancestors, seeking the non-medical care and guidance of Doulas and non-traditional alternatives to final disposition (i.e. burial, cremation, etc.) but a lot of folks don't really know who to turn to or where to begin with the process of unlearning the ways of a funeral home or helping their families do the same.

As a Home Funeral Guide and Death Doula, I'm able to help the dying person, their family, and anyone with a mortal soul take the reins when it comes to planning out and preparing for the end. I believe in equipping people with the forgotten knowledge regarding our rights and options, teaching families how to care for bodies naturally without embalming and in a loving environment, and helping the dying leave a living legacy. Ultimately, I believe in doing death better and giving people the gift of empowerment and information that we all deserve in order to die well.

Areas I can help with as a Home Funeral Guide, Death/End-of-Life Doula and Funeral Celebrant:

  • Teaching families natural body care of the deceased at home without embalming

  • Alternatives to traditional burial, cremation, & the funeral home

  • Creating death & funeral plans

  • Providing non-medical care and emotional support for the dying & their loved ones

  • Writing or facilitating a funeral or memorial service

  • Helping the dying achieve closure

  • Creating a life-honoring legacy project with the dying & their family

  • Providing light housework & respite services

  • Bereavement support after a passing

Holistic death education services (funeral planning, body care, discussing options etc.) and funeral celebrant services do not require a client contract, and are individually priced, but able to be bundled for a small discount if more than one service is requested. Death care services (emotional support, housework, bereavement, legacy projects etc.) require a client contract, drafted to reflect your unique needs and the agreed upon services.

Please reach out to schedule a free 15 minute consultation if you have questions about or interest in these services by texting (281)-900-1956, emailing me at or by using the form below.

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