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Statement of scope of practice, limitations of service, liability release, and interpersonal boundaries for distance and in-person clients

My Background, Description of Services & Limitations:


I have over 2,000 hours of experiential training, working with clients and teaching groups in the field of energy healing and death education. I am a certified Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner, Angelic Reiki Master Teacher, Atlantean Healing Practitioner, Home Funeral Guide, Death Doula and practitioner of Spirit Baby Communication.


In-person sessions generally involve mostly light, gentle "laying-on-of-hands" touch for energetic connection. Energy Medicine itself is touch-heavy and uses Energy Testing, similar to Muscle Testing in the field of Applied Kinesiology, to get the truth directly from your body's energy systems about what is needed to restore balance. My client's comfort with some of the specific placement and pressure of my hands and the communication of those preferences are paramount. Angelic Reiki and Spirit Baby Communication sessions also involve light and very minimal touch for energetic connection, contingent upon client comfort. Atlantean Healing never involves physical touch unless combined with other modalities. Spirit Baby Communication involves light touch if in-person and energetic connection if distance, combined with channeling and writing notes about what I'm receiving. While this can be considered as a form of mediumship, this service and the spiritual skills used within it are limited to the context of connecting to and learning about one's spirit babies.


Distance Energy Medicine sessions involve my guiding the client via video conference on how to work with their body's energies, while distance Angelic Reiki and Atlantean sessions are a purely energetic and intuitive connection and not touch-based modalities. While these methods are generally gentle and considered non-invasive, it is possible that physical and emotional experiences and after-effects may occur when your energies have been stimulated and adjusted. This may manifest as temperature changes, tingling, emotional release, etc. I generally end Energy Medicine sessions with instructions for energy exercises you can do at home on a daily basis. These "homework" exercises will focus on energy imbalances identified during the session to help stabilize the work done in the session.


Things I do not offer through my services: diagnosis of illnesses, massage therapy, spiritual advisory or direction, psychic readings, talk therapy, life coaching or advice. I am also not a replacement for your physician or other therapies or treatments you may be receiving or considering. As a healing practitioner, I do not take your external problems away. Rather, I help you align your internal state of affairs and advocate that true healing happens when my clients take personal responsibility for what they are--or are not--willing to work on and release, both in and outside of sessions. I will not continue to work with with someone who does not understand or respect my scope of practice.



Interpersonal & Professional Boundaries:


Regardless of if we have never met or have a prior personal connection with one another, the nature of our relationship where my work is concerned has reasonable professional boundaries and limits. A portion of our session time is set aside for us to briefly discuss any relevant background information or concerns prior to the healing portion, and typically concludes with discussion of what took place. If you choose to use a larger portion or all of our slated session time talking, I am not obligated to provide services outside of the aforementioned session time. Likewise, I am not obligated to offer free or discounted sessions if you are less than satisfied with your experience because of a misunderstanding or unrealistic expectations of the described services.


I am not available via text or other forms of communication for emergency situations, spontaneous consultation, healing services or advice between or outside of the context of sessions without monetary compensation. Any time or services offered is at my own discretion and is not negotiable or demandable by the person seeking said services. It is also outside of my professional role and obligation to answer questions that are answerable via internet search, or that involve giving personal recommendations or commentary on wellness choices, spiritual practices, etc.


If questions, curiosities, or concerns arise following our sessions regarding information given in the session or any experiences you have that you attribute to the session that you wish me to address or offer further coaching on, please note these things and bring them to my attention in our next session. If the need is more immediate, please schedule a "Pick My Brain" session. See the below liability section for more about client wellness concerns.



Liability Release:


While it doesn't happen that often, experiences of short-term mild discomfort during sessions (i.e. headache, bursts of tension or pain, temperature fluctuations, etc.) is within the realm of possibility. Any discomfort, be it physical, emotional, or energetic, should be brought to my attention. More often than not, the temporary uncomfortable sensation dissipates within minutes and is a result of moving stagnant or irregular energies rather than a sign that the treatment is the cause or isn't the appropriate intervention. Adjustments and accommodations can be made to ensure the most comfortable experience possible, but I cannot promise a pain-free experience, regardless of what service you are receiving.


By purchasing a session, you are consenting to the described services as well as assuming responsibility for any experiences or effects of the energies during and after the session and how you choose to address them. My clients are also fully responsible for giving any necessary, relevant health information such as chronic or acute illnesses, diagnoses, etc. If you fail to communicate such information before or during our sessions, I am not personally or professionally liable for anything that arises as a result of a failure to communicate.


While having "side-effects" or mildly unpleasant physical sensations after our session is inconvenient, these experiences are most often harmless and temporary. If you have questions or concerns regarding your symptoms, you are ultimately responsible for any next steps you choose to take, whether that be booking another session to address what came up, or seeking the help of another health care provider, or pharmaceutical or medical intervention.



Confidentiality, Sessions, & Fees:


Payment for distance sessions are due upon scheduling, and refunds are only given at my discretion. Should an emergency or extenuating circumstance arise at the time of our session that requires us to reschedule, the new session date/time must be chosen within a 24 hr period. If this does not happen, the payment is forfeit and you will need to pay for and schedule a new session.


Payment for in-person sessions are due upon completion of the service via Venmo, cash, card, or other agreed-upon method. Payment should be completed before leaving the office unless we have discussed and I have agreed upon an alternative time.


Your experiences during our sessions are confidential, subject to the usual exceptions that you may instruct me to release information to other health care practitioners or that I may release information if legally obligated or reasonably allowed to do so, including circumstances where there is clear and imminent danger to yourself or another person. If I am working with other members of your family, we will discuss in advance the kinds of information that I may and may not reveal.


By purchasing a session of any kind, you consent to receive the described chosen healing service and agree that you are ultimately responsible for your health care, and knowingly, voluntarily and intelligently consent to use the services described and offered by Lindsay Disidore and Heavenly Peace Holistics.

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