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Healing Sessions

If you're interested in a hands-on healing session, I offer sessions out of my home office North of the Austin area. Sessions are 1-2 hours, depending on your needs, intake time* and any scheduling or budget parameters you have. Online sessions can be booked at the button in the menu bar. Please contact me using the form below to schedule an in-person session.

My versatile training allows me to tailor and combine methods according to your exact needs. Areas and ailments I can help provide healing and relief for include, but are not limited to:

  • calming the fight-or-flight response

  • chronic or acute pain

  • deep relaxation

  • depression and anxiety

  • connecting you with the energy of the angels

  • deep grounding

  • hormone and organ health

  • giving energy and motivation

  • moving stagnant energy

  • boosting immune function

  • connecting & communicating with your spirit babies

  • conscious conception preparation

  • recalibrating your internal and emotional compass

  • releasing negative thought or behavior patterns/habits

  • headaches and migraines

  • insomnia and exhaustion

  • circulation and nervous system issues

  • connecting all of the body's systems

  • optimizing brain and memory function

  • aiding in spiritual connection

  • forgiveness and cord-cutting

  • past life and multidimensional healing

  • gaining clarity

  • DNA repair and activation

  • activating intuition

  • promoting peace

  • connecting you to spiritual guides and ancestors

  • receiving guidance or information

  • general self-care and maintenance

I am trained in many modalities and methods, including:

Angelic Reiki

Atlantean Healing

Eden Energy Medicine

Crystal Healing & Surgery

Come in with your needs and an open and receptive mindset, and trust that you'll receive exactly what you need in Divine Order.

*All session time, including intake and debrief time and lateness is charged. Sessions are $77/hr, and price/time is measured in 10min intervals.

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