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Lindsay's Story

My journey to holistic healing and death care, as surprising as it may sound, is completely owed to my college and career in Music Therapy and opera. Classical music and studying Music Therapy led me to the path of exploring the healing nature of vibration and frequency. Music Therapy also afforded me my first opportunity of working with the dying in memory care and hospice. In the years following, I dedicated all of my free time exploring aromatherapy, crystals, and holistic wellness, and learning and honing energy healing modalities such as reiki. Doing holistic healing sessions with clients was the first time I felt like I was truly making a difference to better people's lives while being aligned with God's will for my life. I also maintained my curiosity of death care and the dying, which became a deep love the more I read and studied various facets and arts within holistic death care. I now live and work at the intersection of these two great loves.
a woman holding acupressure points on anaother woman's head that is on a massage table
Most of my work time is dedicated to healing sessions, as well as continuing education and supplemental classes to further develop my healing craft. I also have a passion for sharing the methods I use in sessions by teaching weekend workshops so that other people on a similar path can hone their own healing abilities or pursue their own career in death care. I teach all levels of Angelic Reiki, Metatron Methods, Soul Midwifery, Crystal Energy Medicine, and I also train people how to be Death Doulas in an online course that you can purchase and instantly download here.
A woman kneeling in front of a Mother Mary stone grotto
Some more about me as a person? I'm a devout Christian/Catholic and my faith is the most important thing in my life. When I'm not working, I love to cook healthy meals, further my healing education with extra classes, read, swing and hip-hop dance, and practice bushcraft arts and Krav Maga. I'm an INFJ, and my Chinese Five Rhythms personality types are Metal, Earth, and a bit of Fire. I have a wonderful, supportive husband of over six years and a sweet, feisty chihuahua, Nova. Please reach out if you have any questions, and I look forward to supporting you how I can on your journey.
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