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Atlantean Healing

Atlantean Healing, as the name implies, has its origins in the civilization of Atlantis. This modality is rooted in ancient healing methods that have been channeled and adapted to our modern times. Unlike other modalities I offer, Atlantean Healing is a hands-off method that doesn't involve touching the client. Atlantean Healing calls upon the Angels of Atlantis and the Violet Flame to aid in transmuting any energies that are not beneficial, by way of working with the client's aura.


Atlantean Healing has a unique focus in that past lives play a major role in the healing process. As negative energies are being cleared from the auric field, the practitioner is seeing visions of or receiving information regarding past incarnations and circumstances surrounding how these energy imprints were acquired. These energy imprints are often related to one's suffering or cause of death in previous lifetimes, but can also be solely rooted in the present incarnation. Regardless of whether the focus is past or present, Atlantean Healing allows for imprints across any and all lifetimes to be removed, transmuted, and for these changes to be integrated and anchored in the body in this lifetime.

Ways you could benefit from Atlantean Healing:

  • Clearing the aura & chakras

  • Healing from past life events

  • Releasing negative energy

  • Feeling deep relaxation

  • Learning about your past lives

  • Restoring & activating your energies

  • Removing binding from past lives that's holding you back

Atlantean Healing sessions are 60 minutes, which allows for initial intake as well as discussion about the session after treatment. Sessions take place in my home office North of the Austin, TX area. Please reach out by texting (281)-900-1956, emailing me at or by using the form below. If you are seeking a distance appt, please use the "distance sessions" link in my site menu at the top of this or any page.

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