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On-Demand Violet Flame Immersion Class
  • On-Demand Violet Flame Immersion Class

    The Violet Flame is an alchemical resource that has been used for healing and transformation for untold centuries. The energy of the Violet Ray, and  all other Rays, is that of God and God-consciousness, and each has keepers and advocates that tend to and make this energy available for our benefit. Over the years, the energy of the Violet Flame as gone through periods of evolution or upgrades, with the most recent being that of the Cosmic Diamond Violet Flame, which we will all get to experience firsthand.


    People have used the Violet Flame as a means to achieve personal transformation, empowerment, and healing, as well as for healing and sending this powerful healing to others. The Violet Flame is also available to humanity for the use of personal protection, and for the protection and purification of homes and sacred spaces. This pure, loving energy is beloved by millions because of its accessibility and effectiveness at transmuting the heart, mind, and spirit of the self, others, relationships, and of places.


    Regardless of if you're an experienced energy healer or are familiar with the concept of the Violet Flame or are a total beginner in this realm of information, this all-levels immersion promises information and experiences of the Violet Flame energy that you've never known or felt before!


    In this immersive class, we will cover:

    • The Seven Rays of God
    • Color and Seven Rays healing meditations
    • Benefits and uses of color therapy
    • The history and origins of the Violet Flame
    • The keepers and angels of the Violet Flame
    • How this energy works with humanity
    • Cosmic Diamond Violet Flame Activation
    • Attuning objects with the Violet Flame
    • Self-healing with the Violet Flame
    • Violet Flame Distance Healing
    • Violet Flame healing for Mother Earth
    • Cosmic Diamond Violet Flame shielding
    • Cleansing and anchoring your space
    • Hands-on Violet Flame Healing
    • Violet Flame Decrees for personal transformation


    Upon purchase, a PDF containing the recording link and the Violet Flame Decrees will be sent to the email you use at checkout. Have a glass or bottle of water and a purple stone of any shape or size for class as well as something for note-taking if desired.

    $77.00 Regular Price
    $55.00Sale Price
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