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Spirit Baby Communication

Spirit babies are the sweet souls of the not-yet-born that are hovering within the energy field of a lot of women. They can be the spirits of future children, or even of those previously lost. In a Spirit Baby Communication (SBC) session, I will connect with your energy and with any spirit babies around you and will relay back any specific or identifying information (name, sex, etc.) and will pass on any messages they give me. Based on the information coming forward, will also delve into a brief card reading and/or some energy healing work that will help foster the connection or that will help prepare you in body, mind, or spirit for those spirit babies to come earthside via your vessel. Clients may also receive information or experience their presence during a session, but just come in with an open and receptive attitude and trust that you will receive everything you need according to Divine Will.

SBC sessions are ideal for women who are:
- generally curious about SBC

- trying to conceive
- considering conceiving in the near future
- are already pregnant and are wanting to connect deeper
- curious about sex, name, or are wanting to call in or discern the personality traits of their spirit babies
- grieving a loss via stillbirth, miscarriage, or abortion, or who have suffered the loss of an infant
- going through a holistic conscious conception process
- wanting to know what their spirit babies need or are asking of them

Sessions can take place in-person in my home in the North Austin area by contacting me below, or virtually by booking at my booking button in my top menu.

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