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New to blending oils? Ready to make your own sprays and scents, or even create your own line of products? This digital guide is for you. I've been blending oils for years now, and just recently closed my shop's doors, so I'm spilling my secrets!


My DIY Essential Oil-Blending Guide goes into everything, from safety basics to how to combine oils to create harmonious scents that are full of meaning and purpose. I've even included five of my own personal oil and spray recipes, some of which were straight out of my five-star rated product line! Become a master of formulation, and even learn how to elevate your blends by infusing them with intention and good energy.


Your PDF guide will be delivered via email upon purchase and will be available for download. Be sure to download within 30 days of receipt so you don't lose access.

DIY Essential Oil-Blending Guide

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