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Home Funeral Guidance

If you and your loved ones are interested in a natural, family-centered, low-cost funeral, a home funeral may be right for you. A home funeral allows your loved one's body to be prepared by close family, using natural methods, often in the home. This is the way our ancestors cared for their dead. Regardless of if your loved one passes in the home or a facility, or if they are wanting a true home funeral or are wanting a more traditional service in a funeral home, or want a green/alternative final disposition or a traditional burial, a home funeral is a beautiful way of caring for your loved one after death and finding the right way to celebrate their life and passing. Families who choose a home funeral often talk about the amount of peace and closure they feel, and how easy and natural it feels, as home funeral makes death and the body of a loved one natural and approachable rather than taboo. Home funerals are full of opportunities to incorporate ceremony, music, crafts, and other means of communal ritual, even involving young children and helping them have a positive experience around the death of a loved one.

As a Home Funeral Guide, I can help with:

  • teaching you how to clean, prepare and move the body for final disposition using natural household items and products

  • providing the needed materials for body care

  • going over all of the available options for your loved one's final disposition according to their wishes

  • obtaining necessary permission to transport a body to/from a facility or final resting place

  • preparing a sacred space for your loved one's body care or viewing in the home

  • assisting in planning and preparation of a more formal service in a church or funeral home

  • providing holistic healing and coping strategies to family members needing help processing grief and releasing emotions (reiki, energy medicine, aromatherapy, etc.)

  • reaching out to the funeral director or any other industry professionals you need assistance speaking to

  • doing light housework or preparations while you tend to the arrival of guests etc.

If you're not in my area or are just needing minimal assistance, I'm more than happy to provide the services you need via Zoom or FaceTime calls. I thrive in an environment with a Christian/Catholic outlook, but am open to assisting anyone that I can to partake in and preserve the natural ways of death care.

If you're interested in learning more and finding out if I'm the right fit for your family as their home funeral guide, call or text me at (281)-900-1956 or contact me via the form below so we can set up a consultation.

All client agreements and pricing for services are fully customized for each family based on exactly what services and time you need from me, including combining my roles in death care.

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