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End-of-Life Doula Services

If you or your loved one are in need of companionship and supportive services and advocacy leading up to death, an end-of-life doula may be a good option for you. A doula isn't a nurse or medical care professional, but instead specializes in tending to the emotional, holistic, and even household needs of the dying person and their family through any phase of death and dying, from the time of diagnosis or being put on hospice, all the way up to and even after death. An end-of-life doula's main focus is the dying person's voice being heard, ensuring their needs are met, and that they are treated with dignity throughout the dying process. Doulas can help lighten the burden by sitting bedside in companionship with the dying person, being a hand to hold for a grieving family, and even providing respite so you can go about your tasks and appointments or doing some light housework so you can be with your loved ones. Doulas can also help with things such as assisting with general death and funeral planning, helping create legacy projects, and being a go-between with funeral homes and other industry professionals.

As an End-of-Life Doula, I can help with:

  • providing respite care and companionship for the dying person and/or their loved ones

  • providing any appropriate holistic healing services to the dying person and/or their loved ones (reiki, energy medicine, aromatherapy etc.)

  • facilitating discussions around death and death planning

  • contacting industry professionals such as funeral directors or other care providers that you need the assistance of

  • doing light housework such as preparing a meal, doing dishes or laundry, or picking up groceries while you spend time with your loved one

  • making sure your dying loved one's voice and needs are heard and honored, even in difficult relationship dynamics where a third party is needed

  • helping the dying person and the family create a legacy project so the family has a special, tangible means of remembrance of their loved one (i.e. crafts such as a quilt, a video, voice recordings, writing memoirs, etc.)

If you're not in my area or are just needing minimal assistance, I'm more than happy to provide the services you need via Zoom or FaceTime calls. I thrive in an environment with a Christian/Catholic outlook, but am open to assisting anyone that I can to partake in and preserve the natural ways of death care.

If you're interested in learning more and finding out if I'm the right fit for your family as their end-of-life doula, call or text me at (281)-900-1956 or contact me via the form below so we can set up a consultation.

All client agreements and pricing for services are fully customized for each family based on exactly what services and time you need from me, including combining any of my roles in death care.

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